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New book annoucement
Lost Black Cats: Story of Two Captured Chinese U-2 Pilots by H. Mike Hua

Books and Articles on file

These books and articles are available for loan by contacting robert.ray@beale.af.mil for the cost of shipping or reproducing and mailing.


"Chiang Ching-Kuo Remembered" by Ray Cline
" DRAGON LADY-History Of The U-2 Spyplane" by Chris Pocock
" EYEBALL TO EYEBALL" (Cuban Missile Crisis) by Dino Brugioni
" HASP (High Altitude Sampling Program) MANUAL" by Defense Atomic Support Agency (Aug 61)
" LAND’S POLAROID" (Story Of The Inventor And His Company) by Peter Wensberg
" LOCKHEED U-2R/TR-1" by Jay Miller and Chris Pocock, Aerofax Minigraph 28, 1988
" OPERATION OVERFLIGHT" by Francis G. Powers
" STRANGERS ON A BRIDGE" (Story of the Abel-Powers Exchange) by James Donovan
" WIZARDS OF LANGLEY (CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology)" by Jeff Richardson
" The U-2 Spyplane, Toward the Unknown - A New History of the Early Years" by Chris Pocock


(Note: many of the articles are photocopies)

“Cuban Missile Crisis” Series by Vince Murray, Star-Banner Newspaper, FL , Oct 02
“ Crouching Airmen, Hidden Dragon” Airman Magazine, Jul 02
“ Upgraded U-2 Cockpit To Improve Pilot Situational Awareness” by Bruce Smith, Aviation Week, 6 May 02
" MONTHLY AWARD WINNERS" (Jeff Olesen, Mike Means, Steve Rodruguez) The Combat Edge Mar 02
“ The Dragon Gets Facelift” by Glenn Goodman, ISR Journal, Issue 3, 02
“ Carmine Vito: U-2 Pilot” by Eric Hehs, CODE ONE, 1st Qtr 02
“ FROM THE SHADOWS, Early History of the U-2” by Chris Pocock, CODE ONE, 1st Qtr 02
“ When Secrets Crash” (Tom Crull’s crash in Japan ’59), Air Force Magazine, Jul 01
“ When the U-2 Went to Sea”, Air Force Magazine , Feb 01
“ U-2 Vegas Talk” by Louis Setter, 14 Sep 99
“ The Big Picture, Better quit it!, The U-2 is looking at you”, Airman Magazine, Jul 99
“ NATO’s 50th Jubilee 99 Arrangements” NORSK LUFTFARTSMUSEUM, Apr 99
(Articles about CIA flights from Norway during 50th ceremonies)
“ Spyplane Diaries - How they Invented the U-2” by William Burrows, Air & Space, Jan 99
“ Reconnaissance 2000” by Chris Pocock, USAF Yearbook 1999 (RAF Benevolent Fund), 1999
“ An Intelligence Success Story, U-2 Program: DCI’s Perspective” by George J. Tenet,
CIA Studies in Intelligence, Winter 98-99
“ A ‘Hot’ Front in the Cold War, U-2 Program: A Russian Officer Remembers” by Alexander Orlov,
CIA Studies in Intelligence, Winter 98-99
BACK COVER PICTURE OF U-2, Airman Magazine, Oct 98
“ CIA opens files about U-2 mission” by John Diamond, The Stars and Stripes, 21 Sep 98
“ CIA Declassifies U2 Spy Study” by John Diamond, Associated Press, 17 Sep 98
“ Cold-War Spy Plane’s History Emerges From Cloud of Secrecy” by James Thurman,
The Christian Science Monitor, 17 Sep 98
“ Marty Knutson, An Original Pilot of the U-2 Aircraft for the CIA”, Aeronautical Pioneers Jul-Aug 98
“ Hervey Talks to Optimist” by Hervey Stockman, Aug 97
“ The Truth About Military Overflight, Reconnaissance Missions over Russia Before the U-2 are one of the Cold War’s best Kept Secrets” by Cargill Hall, The Quarterly Journal of Military History, Spring 97, Vol. 9, No.3
“ Still flying after 40 years, the U-2 aircraft now provides critical intelligence”, Airman Magazine, Jun 96
“ Strategic Reconnaissance in the Cold War” (Concept to National Policy) by Cargill Hall, Prologue
(Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration, Summer 96.
“ Wayward Spy” (Bissell and the Bay of Pigs), Civilization Sep-Oct 95
” The U-2 Comes in From the Cold”, Air Force Magazine, Sep 94
“ U-2 Dragon Lady at 40”, AIR International, Jul 94
“ How the Skunk Works Works” by William Burrows, Air & Space, Apr/May 94
“ Spyplane: Exclusive Documentary Report on the Secret U-2’s First Flight” by Skip Holm, Aviation Review, ‘86
“ TR-1: Knights at the Edge of Space”, Airman Magazine, Jun 85
“ High Flying in the TR-1”, Aircraft illustrated, April 84
“ DRAGON LADY, 13 Miles Up” by Ernest K. Gann, Flying, Jun 80
“ Where the High Flyers Go”, Airman Magazine, Sep 78
“ I Bailed Out Ten Mile Up!” by Jack Nole, Reader’s Digest, Sep 64
“ Report pursuant to the Patent Right Clause”, CIA, 10 Oct 57 (Note Delivery Schedule of first 20 articles)
“ Flameout at 50,000 Feet” by Bruce Jinneman, COMBAT CREW, Date ??
“ Comments on U-2 Flying Qualities during Approach and Landing” by Louis Setter (Good info about early flying)
" Flying the U-2" by Captain Bob Gaskin, Air Force Magazine, April 1977

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