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Dear Godfather:
As you know, I was CIA and involved in the U-2 overflight project of the Soviet Union and later in S. Calif with all the "Spies in the skies" projects. I occasionally have contact from the son of Francis Gary Powers Sr. as I knew his mother overseas in addition to my background. He asked me to help him find out if Lockheed was reimbursed by the Agency during the time his father was a test pilot for them after his return from Russia. I was privy to much of the story back in the 60's as a result of my position and I have told him I never heard of such a thing. At the Blackbird reunion in the early 90's the banquet speaker was a B/Gen that for years was the liaison between the Agency and USAF in the Pentagon for all such projects. He told of Kelly Johnson asking him at the safe house in E. MD during Powers debriefing if Powers was clean and if it was o.k. with the B/Gen , he would like to hire him as a test pilot. B/Gen Geary said nothing about any reimbursement from the agency to Lockheed. I have advised FGP, Jr. to try the Agency via a FIOA request, and also check with Lockheed to see if they have a historian who could help him.
My request to you is there any chance you could send out something to those former Lockheed employees that were working for them in the early-late 60's and are members of the DLA? I did meet some of them including some early U-2 pilots at the last DLA reunion.
Attached is a message from Gary, Jr. that also has his contacts at the end for any response. This may not be possible, but I wish to help him out with his collection of all information available to pass down to the grandchildren of FGP, Sr. I have gone out to the web sites I am a member of in both the CIA and the State Dept. seeking those who might be able to help.

Contact Gary Powers, Jr. at: garypowersjr@coldwar.org
and his web site is http://www.coldwar.org/

I get the word out to all ex communications personnel of the agency about the DLA, but you may want to approach those other retirees that were in the U-2 program in the CIA days by requesting a notice being put in a quarterly issue of the agency retiree assoc. magazine. Contact would be admin@cira.org

Thank you,
Charles Christian
Santa Rosa, CA

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